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How do you select the right chair to buy?

And will you know how to use it?

Serving the California Silicon Valley, If the Chair Fits offers personal chair fittings and buying assistance for business and personal use. After initial fitting and selection, chairs are typically delivered in about 10 days. Complimentary set up and adjustment instruction is offered at the user's work space.
Business clients gather information and assistance to create standard seating programs to streamline the buying process. Personal attention is provided for hard-to-fit individuals due to body size, pain or injury. Proactive ergonomics are effective in increasing productivity, reducing loss of work and worker's compensation issues.
More individuals are working from home or spending hours on home computers. Many do not have the resources to easily get ergonomic assistance and are left on their own to find chairs and equipment. Our assistance can take the guess work out, creating a comfortable work space for all ages.
Many Ergonomic and Health Professionals rely on our services to ensure their clients and patients are getting the direction they need. If The Chair Fits works in cooperation with these professionals to provide proper product selection and instruction.

Don't let this be you...

Let us fit you professionally!

Ergonomic Office Seating is our focus; other products offered include:

  • All types of office seating: guest, cafeteria, stacking etc.
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Adjustable Keyboard Platforms
  • Electric Height Adjustable Tables for sit-to-stand solutions
  • Document Stands
  • Monitor Risers
  • Monitor Arms
  • & More